Kaplan CFA Materials on Amazon?

I know I have seen posts in the past regarding Kaplan CFA materials on Amazon being counterfeit and not to risk it. I totally agree and don’t want to support that but typically I would see these sellers being located in China or some other foreign location. However, there are sellers that have good ratings, reviews, and based out of the USA (where I would think it would be easier for Kaplan to shutdown or prosecute).

Does anyone have any insight on this? I know what everyone is gonna initially think “if it seems to good to be true… it probably is…” and “stop being naive.” However, people buy books all the time off Amazon (myself included) that were way better price then buying it directly from the author’s website or Barnes & Noble B&M. None of the books I have purchased in the past ended up being counterfiet.

I understand that the person could pull the photos from anyway and claim to send the real materials, but would Amazon really risk allowing sellers to sell counterfiet on their website?

Shown in the photo. 5 X Study Notes, 2 X Practice Exams, 1 X Quick Sheet. Absolutely no writing or highlighting. Brand new!