Kaplan CFA Volume 1 Mock Exam Scores

I am curious to see peoples scores on the PM (since this is not subjective) for the Kaplan Volume 1 Mock Exams. My scores were 67/67/89. Anyone find the first two tricky?

Yes, I had similar results. What did you score on the am?

61 am 63 pm on the first. Working on the rest this week.

I have only done the first two (will do the 3rd next weekend).

1st exam: AM: 111/180, PM: 120/180

2nd exam: AM: 131/180, PM: 111/180

Planning to do a mock using the 2016 AM questions and one of the two 2018 official mocks (for the MC half) as soon as my wife takes my son out.

I only took the first AM and scored myself around 65%, and that was being quite strict.