Kaplan down/unusable - Sunday May 9

Kaplan down for anyone else tonight? I can log on but get this message whenever I try to access anything useful.

GraphQL error: Oops! Something went wrong and we’re not sure why. Internal reference 8e932aac-2c0f-4a45-976f-db2add456462.

They picked a hell of a time to fiddle with the IT.


Ya, I’m getting the same thing. I’m doing practice questions on CFAI in the meantime.

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MAy 10th now and I can’t even log in. It says they have phone support until 10 PM NY time, but I just called the number at 4 PM MY time and I got a nessage that their office is closed.

This is outrageous!!

ANother weekend and Kaplan tech problems again.

Now I am getting, “Network error: Failed to Fetch”

They finally responded to my Sunday email on Thursday.

Hey Kaplan, fix your IT, but don’t start projects right before CFA exams! Find the off season.

This is absolutely crazy, I had intermittent connection all day yesterday and this morning everything is really slow or I get a “Network error: Failed to Fetch”. Kaplan I’ve used you for numerous tests, but this is very irresponsible of you. Our tests are in less than 2 weeks.

Yes, was working ok earlier. Now failed to fetch again.

The dumster fire continues to burn today. Probelms again Kaplan. When are you going to get your act together?

Of course nobody from Kaplan responds to my multiple emails.