Kaplan for Level 3?

I passed L1 and L2 first time using Kaplan and MM. For L3, I’d heard from various people that Kaplan isn’t great for L3 and I should stick with the CFAI texts, so that’s what I intended to do. My wife gave birth to twins 6 weeks ago, so to say that my time is limited would be an understatement, but I’ve got less time even than I realized. I’m watching MM vids, but the CFAI text is just too dense and I’m just not making progress. That being said, I don’t want to go with Kaplan if it’s going to be an absolute waste of time. So, any advice here? Is Kaplan sufficient at L3? My plan would be the same as L2…MM, Kaplan, and CFAI just for the Blue box and EOCs.

Watch MM videos, do all the blue box and EOCs, get grading session by Magician. That will be enough.


Your first two?

I’m in the same boat – Kaplan for 1 and 2 and unsuccessful for L3. Thought Kaplan was not sufficient for L3, was nowhere near prepared. Also just had a kid and have another one on the way soon so studying is next to impossible, I don’t think anything beats the CFAI blue boxes and I’m using LevelUp this time around.

Yes, first and last. I’m 37, I was tired enough before they came along. I know it’s a cliche, but it really is impossible to prepare for the tiredness, lack of time etc. I want the most efficient method of learning, but I don’t want to completely waste my time if Kaplan just won’t be sufficient. I’m trying to be optimisic, but I’m looking at June almost as a live mock so I’m ready in 2021. I can’t see how I’ll be able to do this unless I ask my boss if he doens’t mind me studying at work for a few hours a day.


What are the MM videos and a grading session?

I tried the 2019 L3 with a new baby (our 2nd) and failed, my advice… wait for 2021!

Its too much work and the pressure on your wife will be too big.

Save your family and yourself the trouble!! Its just one year later.

Ditch Kaplan. They straight up don’t care anymore because of how much money they make off of their CFA prep material. I called/email early last year complaining about the Live Schweser Mock for 2019 was the exact same exam as the Live Schweser Mock for 2018!?!? Instead of an explanation, they just emailed me another mock exam which was sub-par to say the least.

My opinion, either stick with CFAI or consider a LevelUp Bootcamp. Very worthwhile.

Anyone have schweser l3 2020 errata they can post. Many thanks.

Can i ask how many pages in the Schweser Notes vs the CFAI books? Just to get a sense of the difference. Just signed up for L3 and previously always used Schweser but considering going with CFAI this time. Thanks!

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