Kaplan guide not covering all material in Q-bank?

This is actually a two-fold question: I just finished the Kaplan econ review. After going through 60 questions on the Q-bank, I felt that roughly good number were not covered in the book at all. When I went through the book to double check, I couldn’t seem to find anything covering these particular questions. When I went into the official CFA institute books my GF has, I found all of these previously uncovered topics. This brings me to my second question: Do I need to go through the official CFA guides, or would I be wasting my time? Thanks.

You’ll likely be wasting your time. Econ makes up a HUGE portion of the reading material and a relatively small portion of the exam. You won’t get very much value out of your effort if you go and read the econ book from CFAI at this point in time (assuming you’re sitting for the L1 exam in June). There’s easy points to be had in Quant, make sure you know FRA, Equity, and FI very well, and be strong on the rest of the curriculum.

And definitely use CFA curriculum books for Ethics. Kaplan/Schweser is no comparison.