Kaplan Live Mock Exam: How do we feel?

I got a 65. I’ll take it. To be honest though, I didn’t NEARLY as much out of it as I thought I would. It just didn’t have that CFAI stank on it. Their style of writing and their presentation style felt radically different for me. The topic tests certainly have purposefully misleading language and data, but the Kaplan questions seemed almost unfair at times.

If I fail L2, I would not take the Kaplan mock again. The questions felt a little too sleight-of-hand or something, it’s hard to explain. I will be sticking to topic tests, EOCs, and the CFAI Mock Exam.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Here are my full scores

Ethics: 58.3%

Quant: 83.33%

Economics: 50%

FRA: 66.67%

Corporate Finance: 50%

Equity: 75%

Alternatives: 50%

Fixed Income: 83.33%

Derivatives: 66.67%

Portfolio Management: 33.33%

Overall: 75.83%

Ethics: 75%

Quant: 83.33%

Economics: 100%

FRA: 75%

Corporate Finance: 50%

Equity: 87.5%

Alternatives: 83.3%

Fixed Income: 91.67%

Derivatives: 58.33%

Portfolio Management: 50%

I thought it was kind of hard or tricky or something. Can’t put my finger on it. Struggled a little bit for time in the afternoon session. It says the average score is 70%. WTF? I was expecting it to be a bit lower.

How does it compare to any of the other Kaplan mocks or the cfai?

Hmm I thought this exam wasn’t available until May 21st? Either way, I’ll probably still plunk down the $100 for it to complement the other mock/practice exams I have since I’ll have the time for it and more practice is better than less.

@ JeffO15 - I thought it was slightly trickier especially after looking at some of the answers. Maybe because it was in a live proctored environment? Not sure. CFAI will be much clearer to understand me thinks.

@JayWill - worth the cost. Especially after you realize some of the questions are just so dumb you’ll waste time reading and re-reading. I was actually getting frustrated at how some of the questions were worded. Will help you on the real thing. I have a feeling I’ll finish CFAI plenty early…

It is showing me an average for the afternoon session of 57.43%… Are you still seeing 70%?

Topics Difference Everyone You

  • All Questions 17.07% 51.26% 68.33%
    • Ethical and Professional Standards 7.62% 42.38% 50%

    • Quantitative Analysis 43.19% 56.81% 100%

    • Economics 23.8% 59.53% 83.33%

    • Financial Reporting and Analysis 31.44% 51.89% 83.33%

    • Corporate Finance -29.93% 46.6% 16.67%

    • Equity Valuation 3.85% 62.82% 66.67%

    • Fixed Income 5.26% 61.41% 66.67%

    • Derivative Investments 12.55% 54.12% 66.67%

    • Portfolio Management 29.74%

Here is my score for the morning session. Felt a little disappinted with the score since I got 72% for the second mock from Kaplan. This was my third mock and expcted to be higher after another week of study. But if we look at the everyone’s score which is 51% for the morning session and 57% for the afternnon. I think it tells that the live mock is not easy. Who knows what will be for the real thing.

I will just go over all these questions tonight and finish the rest of the mock and hope to have some luck in the real exam. Good luck to us all!

AM 45% (all candidates 51.25%)

PM 60% (all candidates 57.47%)

I got two or fewer corrrect on at least five vignettes, including both derivitives, the portfolio, one of the Ethics, and one of the Corp Finance. I haven’t broken it all down yet, though.

I just started doing questions last week and obvioulsy have a long way to go.

On my page if I have it unfiltered it says EVERYONE: 70.94%, then when I filter by Morning:57.57% and Afternoon: 51.11%. That does not average to 70.94%…

I am kicking myself over a lot of the questions. Some poort vignettes in there.