Kaplan online review course

I’m extremely disappointed. Seems to deviate from CFA institue books and mock exams with too many questions related to topics hardly mentioned in the curriculm.

Just wondering others’ thoughts. Anyone else doing this?

Going by your AF profile you are referring to the LII online revision course, right?

Either way my experience of LII and LIII (today at its second out of three days) has been positive. I’d say extremely positive.

We had the mighty Andrew Holmes for LII last year. Great guy, massively knowledgeable. Went through the Curriculum’s high points in a way that really brought the material together.

For LIII this year we are treated by a Greg Fillbeck in mid-season form. Exceptionally good tutor, knows the Curriculum backwards, delivers it like none else, plenty of useful insight and ideas as to how to recognize the common themes that run through the course.

All in all money well spent for me.

If I can give you a tip, keep on going to the recordings in the next few weeks. You may not be used to the format at first but the more you look at those videos the more you should find that they add to your confidence and understanding.

Good luck, Carlo