Kaplan Practice Exams

Is anyone else finding the Kaplan practice exams (AM) really hard? I have done the three past AM papers from the institute and scored 75-85% (albeit marking them isn’t exactly accurate). The Kaplan ones just feel really loose compared to the institute. Very unspecific questions and I find it really hard to understand what they want me to write. Then the answers are very specific e.g. they give one possible answer when I’m sure there are more points that would score.

Also, some of the topics they test are quite obscure vs institute exams which seem much more “core” as far as I can see.

Maybe Kaplan is intentionally doing that to make you think a bit more broadly but all its doing is scaring the hell out of me. I felt really well prepared a week ago, now I have massive fear.

What does your Schweser progress meter say? Just curious how you are using this.

Doing it from the books rather than online as it comes along with the Fitch materials in the UK.

Kaplan AM practice exams are, I think, very very different to CFAI exams.

CFA mocks are also very different from CFA exam :slight_smile:

taylus are you using the progress meter in the online Schweser? Are you finding this helpful?

I don’t use schweser, I used it last year…never again

100 percent agree. With Taytus. Kaplan does such a horrible job with level 3 don’t waste your time.

Its too late guys I am already using schweser its May. Going to incorporate the blue boxes and EOC like I have done for previous levels. Any other recommendations? We only have 40 days left here. I am almost done with my re-read second time over on the schwese rmaterial. I am working all Topic Assessments and about to just do Mocks all day everyday.

I have 3 weeks off before the test.