Kaplan Schwaser resources - available yet?

Hi all,

ive purchased the Kaplan premium plus pack for level 3 but haven’t received anything yet. Also, when I log into my account online it says “no online access”.

has anyone else that has signed up for Kaplan got anything? Even an e-book would be nice to get reading as time is ticking.



Yes, Book 2, 3 and 4 are available through vitalsource. Received an email with the redemption code for downloading.

Mate, it’s OCTOBER. Go grab a beer, have fun and relax. Enjoy life for now.

Thank you. I had to pay an extra $40 to get the ebooks which I thought was a bit off seeing as I (well, my company) had already paid $1,099 for the essential study package.

You can download three of the E-Books via VitalSource but they have neither opened up the Online Access yet nor released the Paperback SchweserNotes. I imagine they are still updating their QBank and revising some of the SchweserNotes.

+1 to it’s October…hold off, what you study now won’t help in June…its’ too far away. Also, the books always have errata and you wont know about it until you or someone else reports it so it’s better that they take a few extra days to release the most accurate books possible.