Kaplan Schweser materials - which package is appropriate for Level 1?

When I was on Kaplan’s website yesterday I noted that there were several different levels - those that just included the notes and those that included online classes, videos, Kaplan library access (some had full access and some partial - not sure the difference here) and other bells/whistles.

Any guidance as to which package is the most appropriate for Level 1 would be appreciated. Also, are the add ons (i.e. Secret Sauce) worth the extra money?

Any advice would be appreciated.

IMHO, and this is for all levels - get the ones with notes, videos, Q-bank, and practice tests.

If you want flash cards, make your own out of index cards.

Secret sauce isn’t worth it. It’s a condensed version of already condensed stuff, which makes it too condensed.

I believe that it’s Secret, not Special. (It’s a term that originated, if memory serve, with Jack-in-the-Box.)

How many extras you should get depends exclusively on how you study and how best you learn. Do you have the discipline to read the material diligently on your own, or do you need someone to spur you on? Do you learn best by reading, by hearing/seeing, or by doing? Do you write your own study notes/flash cards? Can you summarize material well on your own?

Once you answer questions of this sort, you’ll be able to answer your questions.

I didn’t use videos for Level I, but I wish I did. The reason is because you could spend hours going back and forth on a particular topic thiinking its tough sh*t(FRA, Derivatives etc.) if you try to read it yourself (especially if you last schooled a long time ago or are new to it) but with the videos, you get someone experienced explaining it to you and really simplifying things and to be honest, most of the things you will come across are not super difficult…

Recommended step-> Watch a Reading’s video, read the notes, answer questions, rinse and repeat for all readings. Qbank every now and then and then practice exams.

For flashcards, go to quizlet.com, find a set you like, print em out and and staple them together. I’d share mine but I only made cards for LII.

Its really what learning style you prefer. For me, I don’t really like to sit through videos. I prefer to read at my own pace rather than fast-forwarding videos. So the schweser notes were sufficient. But if videos suit you, by all means get the videos.

But personally, the MUST GET are the practise questions. The exam is fast, furious and lengthy. You need to practise, practise and practise.

Disagree. Used Secret Sauce for Level II this past June for the first time, not doing so for Level I and it contained valuable information that covered essential concepts topic by topic. The Quicksheet is useless IMO, misses too many formulae because of its limited space.

Suffice to say if i had got hold of the Secret Sauce for Level I, i would’ve passed every section >70.