Kaplan Schweser Mock Exam results

I think I might be having a somewhat of a panic attack soon fellas. Between mock 1 and mock 2 from schweser I did a serious overhaul on fixed income, FSA, and derivatives…and it didn’t even bump my score =(

Mock 1

AM - 63.3%

PM - 65%

Mock 2

AM - 70%

PM - 66.67%

Will be attempting Mock 3 this week some time. All from book 1. Definitely feeling the heat, just wondering how people are preparing their mocks and assessments between mock exams. Thanks!

Looks like a nice bump to me, could have scored lower.

Just finished 2014’s PM mock, got a 73.3%.

Thanks but perhaps I’m a little too eager for results to shine through too early. I know this is off-topic but what is the MPS (forecasted haha) for this level 2 exams? I’ve heard everything from mid 60’s all to way to high 70’s and I have no idea where these numbers are coming from. Thanks!

I am doing practice exam of scheweser from 2014. Does it worthwhile??

yeah i think so, its helpful i believe