Kaplan Schweser mocks for L3

Hi All,

How many mocks is everyone planning to complete before December 5th?

I have been sticking to CFAI questions/mocks only so far and contemplating whether to do the Kaplan ones or not since I heard the questions are not very representative. Any thoughts from people who have done the Kaplan mocks?


i just took kaplan’s first mock exam and was a little underwhelmed. it didn’t seem all that sophisticated so I’m a little concerned that it won’t be representative of the actual exam difficulty. but maybe I’m mistaken…any other opinions are gladly welcomed

Thanks JayPowell. How long are we keeping rates low till? (JK)

Ok that’s helpful. I will most likely not spend more than 2-3 days on Kaplan mocks.


Unfortunately I only have them in a printed book version.


You’re asking her to violate Kaplan’s copyright?

You’re aware of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, no?