Kaplan vs IFT CFAI AM mock relevance document

Hi all, I’m starting to work through some of the old AM mocks and wondering if anyone has also come across this. I’m using both Kaplan and IFT as my 3rd party providers who provide the older mocks.

For those of you with access to Kaplan resources. I was comparing the old exam relevance documents between Kaplan and IFT and there are huge discrepancies. Kaplan has identified a lot more questions compared to IFT just an example for 2013 IFT listed 2 relevant questions whereas Kaplan has listed 5 complete questions relevant and 3 partial. At this point I’m going to work with the Kaplan list, I skimmed a few questions and they do look somewhat relevant but wondering if anyone has worked through more of the older year mocks and can comment.

A good example that everyone has access to is the 2018 paper. IFT lists Q2 & 3 as no longer relevant but I would disagree… I’ll also send them an e-mail and see what they say…

The IFT relevancy document is free here:

Let us know what they say.
Also, where do you find that document in Kaplan resources?
I can only find essay until 2016 from CFAI website, does anyone know how to get older ones just to practice relevant questions? Thanks.

If you’re with Kaplan when you pull down the study tools drop down on the far left under study click on resource library. They have back to 2010 and videos going over solutions. IFT has past mocks going back to 2012 I believe.

I heard back from IFT basically they said any sections/reading with significant changes from the past material they’ve marked as no longer relevant stating that new material has been provided in the readings and practice problems and IFTs own practice problems and to focus efforts there. I’ve used IFT materials before and think they are a good provider and what they suggest is not wrong. That being said I think they’re too conservative as to what they mark as no longer relevant since they’ve acknowledged some parts like in the 2018 exam for said questions could be used for practice ie Singer-Terhaar and GK model questions. I’ve done 2010 and 2011 and found Kaplan’s relevancy list pretty good maybe 90% of what they listed as relevant and generally 60%+ of the exam still relevant for practice. There’s bound to be stuff listed that’s no longer relevant since it’s so hard to keep up but since I have the time I’m just going to do as many questions as possible at the very least I can see more ways CFAI structures questions even if parts of the question are no longer relevant. Seems to me kaplan tried going through question by question to best determine relevant questions bottom up while IFT went top down.

Hope that helps

thanks @PoisonPut, perhaps I don’t see it because I don’t have the full Kaplan package.
Anyway, I agree best strategy is to just try as many questions as possible, even though some of them may not be so relevant anymore, getting used to the format is big part as well.