Kaplan weekly classes, New Presenter

Hi Guys, I am not sure how many of you registered for Kaplan online classes. It used to be presented by David herrington but seems he left. I was really not happy with the new guy (Dr Greg Filbeck) and wonder if others feel the same. I wonder we can ask them for someone better…maybe have David back or Andrew Holmes? :frowning:

Who is the new instructor?

Dr Greg Filbeck.

Does anyone have any feedback on him?

I can wholeheartedly say David Hetherington was a blockbuster tutor in the CFA game. That is really an unfortunate situation for 2019 L3 candidates.

I still have nightmares of his bullish cold approach: 'If you put B, better luck next year. You aren’t ready for the exam."

So are yo saying David was a great teacher or wasn’t?

I did liked David, though my favorite remains Andrew Holmes. :slight_smile:

Just heard that David has moved to Wiley. :frowning:

If I knew earlier, I would have chosen Wiley.

Wow, where did you hear that from?

Confirmed by Kaplan.

I agree, I am not too happy either, I feel like I didn’t learn much during the 3 hour class, he provided exam tips more than anything but not much in the way of content. :frowning_face:

I am wondering if we can get some more people in here and maybe request for someone else to replace?? I heard Andrew does L2 class, wonder if they can get someone else…

You guys are speaking about Greg Filbeck right?

Greg Filbeck done the online classes last year (Scheduled for London) I done. David covered the revision session.

Both were good. Don’t see a big issue.

In L3 you just don’t cover the same amount of content in the sessions. They really focus on exam technique, I found it a surprise at first but in the end worth while.

Dr. Filbeck’s taught live classes for Schweser for years. I met him, his son, and Andy Holmes in Toronto several years ago: Greg was teaching Level III, Andy was teaching Level II, and I was teaching Level I.

That reminds me: Andy still owes me a Jack Russell terrier. I just checked the front porch again: no box.

So if I haven’t signed up yet, would you all suggest I don’t go with Kaplan due to the fact that David isn’t there anymore. I used Wiley for Level 1 and 2 but am also considering IFT? Any thoughts?

Dr Greg Filbeck did the lectures for CAIA for Kaplan. I found him to be extremely good and explanations clear. Passed both levels at first attempt.

Thank you S2000magician Well, I suppose we do not have much option here. Steinerja29 >> I suggest to go with Wiley, this is what I would have done if I had not already paid, since David went there and plus I heard they have better videos (though I never used them before). However, bear in mind unlike Kaplan, they do not have early classes (Kaplan classes started in October). Wish you good luck and if you go with Wiley, tell us how it is.

+1. Dr. Holmes is a legend. So is David. David had a no-nonsense approach to Level 3. Some people loved it and others hated it. Was just what I needed to pass L3 on my first attempt.

Do you all know if David does many of the on demand video lectures for Kaplan? Do you know who the other instructors are that do them as well and what are your thoughts on them? I tend to rely on the videos.