Kathmandu June 2008 Accommodation Available

Hi, My name is Varun and I am traveling to Nepal for my L1 exam in June 2008. I have booked a room in Radisson hotel in central kathmandu. I think last year the exam was also held around Radisson only. I am looking for a room mate to share the cost. The room is booked for the nights of 7th and 8th June which means we can check-in on the 7th and have to leave the room on the 9th June. It is going to cost you approx. Rs. 4800 (all inclusive). If you are interested please contact me by email at varunjain.13@gmail.com. Please do not reply to this thread as I don’t check very often. Please email me. Best of luck with your prep, Varun

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You’re a lucky SOB if you live in Kathmandu.

good plan to let off all that “steam” after the exam…that dude who missed the party at the playboy mansion in another thread may want to take up this offer as a consolation :slight_smile:

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