keep forgetting material

I do a bunch of practice problems, only to find out that i forget the material about two three weeks later.

This is a particular issue with formulas, as you need to know the exact formula in order to get each problem right.

My struggle is balancing this with the time to study. How does one accomplish both quality and quantity of material?

I was forgetting things too… You do some quant and equities and by the time you go back to FRA, you forgot a bunch of stuff there… Then you focus more on FRA and Econ and by the time you go back to quant, you forget stuff there lol.

That’s becuase theres so many topics. My trick has been to drill practice questions, 20 at a time per section, and switch to a new section. That way, everything stays fluid.

Lack of time? I think CFA is all about time… Without time, unless you’re gifted, you aint passing.

I encourage my candidates to spend one day a week going back over old material, so that it doesn’t get stale.