keep forgetting

There is so much material and so much to remember, I keep on forgetting what i have studied. What is your strategy to remember formulas and everything else

I haven’t even started going through the notes yet, but I believe that through practice you get to remember at an increasing rate with more of it. So even if you think you don’t remember, you will through the practice. And in case you really don’t remember you just keep on practicing and reviewing the topics you got wrong till you can’t forget them anymore. I am in a worse situation than you I still have 16 readings to cover, and already feeling that I forgot everything. But I truly believe that once I’ll reread my notes and do the practice I’ll get everything back. Good luck to us.

As Kenzagh mentioned, practice. If you’re purely memorizing a formulas, you will end up forgetting some of them. However, if you understand the logic behind a calculation, it becomes much easier to remember and apply come exam day.