Keep It Real for L2 Plebes?

Please excuse me if this topic has been previously covered. I did search the history and did not find anything similar.

I am surprised and, yes, overwhelmed by the amount of topics covered by the sweiser sample exams, the mock exams as well as the large disparity between the two. If you took the L2 more than once, what areas did you make sure you covered or what small, stupid or obvous and basic things did you kick yourself for not having wired?

My studying guiding principle has been to get a basic feel for all of the subjects by reading through the material and focus on the details of concepts and formula applications as I encounter them in the sample test. I obviously put more time into the heavier weighteds subjects, but I feel like I start to lose sight of the forest for the trees. I obviously cannot nail down the minutae of every formula so I guess what I’m looking for is the balance between tree, branch, leaf, stoma and the forest. Hence, any advice based on intuition from your prior experience would be helpful and much appreciated to get back on an even keel. I only have those sample test as a guide to whats important but I have been so focused on them I dont want to miss out on the obvious or waste time on the unlikely or untestable.

Thanks and best wishes

seems obvious but just hit up the heavily tested areas like ethics, accounting and equity… i passed on the first go but still would have trouble with FRA’s and swaps.

just skip anything w/ numbers. you’ll be fine.

level II is infamous for the vast amount of formulas and calculations.

by “encounter as you go”, it is not an effective method, at least from my perspective.

at this point, i would sugguest you redo all the blue boxe examples in the book.

Pretty hard to give you sound advice if we don’t know where you stand. Are you sitting for LII for the first time, or a re-taker? Are you scoring in the 60s+ on the samples, or worse?

Generally speaking, the BIG 3 areas to focus for Level II are: 1) Ethics, 2) FRA, and 3) Equity. If you can nail those, you have a good chance of passing the exam.

In the 6-question vignettes, the breakdown is usually as follows: 1-2 easy questions, 2-3 medium questions, and 1-2 harder questions. If you can make sure that you avoid stupid mistakes and get the easy-to-medium questions right almost all of the time, you also have a fair chance of passing through to the next level.

Good luck!

you hit the nail in the head, the “encounter as you go” does not leave me with a good feeling of preparedness. just to clarify, when you say redo, do you mean reread the examples in blue provided in the book or work through them?

prophet, are you serious about skipping any w/numbers? you mean skipping them on test or skip working practice problems with numbers?

I could easily see how test probs which actually require calculator calcs, as opposed to calc questions that can be eyballed by relativity (higher, lower, negative, etc) are major time wasters and could be skipped and returned to depending on time availability.

dude it is 3 days before the eaxm, if you are asking these questions now you are in bad shape

work thru them by blocking the answers. I forgot how many there are. but if you really really wanna pass this exam, this is the only advice i can offer at this point.

it is going to be intense if you are able to work thru them all in 2 days. good luck

thanks tozerrt,

its my first time taking L2, struggling to score in the 60’s on samples, seems like i failed to retain huge swath of material that conceptually made sense, but the level detail tested proves that i know it as in depth as i know the earth goes around the sun.

thanks again, i am going to stick to EOC for the big 3 for now.


Thanks, i think you’re on to something. i wont do them all, but doing the big 3 sounds like a good idea.

Can get a little discouraging when everyone is posting that they scored in the 80s on the practice exams. But for what it’s worth, I was scoring in the 60s (with only one score > 70) on all of my sample exams in the final 2 weeks for Level II…and I managed to pass on my first try. From here on out, keep your focus on the BIG 3 and don’t give up.


ive done my fair share of studying, spent approx ~230hrs of studying (total swag, maybe a little bit higher, but ball park) not too much slacking. I dont feel like i am in particularly bad shape, but what do i know. im not being defensive, or anything, i just want to understand your response. Is it because i appear hapless, or because, based on your experience, at this point in the game, in order to pass, one should be totally razor sharp and know this stuff backwards and forwards? Like i said previously, I have been doing practice tests after practice test, but that approach just doesnt feel right. I have a couple days left, i took the time off of work and i would like to zero in on stuff and without wasting time on non essential stuff.

no one can realistically judge where you are, because only you know yourself the best.

there are people who think they’re ready and bomb it, and people who worry about every minor detail, and ace it. Don’t care about the criticism, just take in some of the advice if you feel that it is useful

that’s it

Thanks guy.

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Thanks guy.