Keep it up, almost there.

Dear AFer and future CFA charterholders, I shared your nervousness, anxiety and whatever other feelings you are feeling right now this time last year. Right now, you should have read all your material at least once; in the next two weeks, don’t do too much heavy studying, you should focus on exam taking and time management for AM section. Don’t doubt your studying method, if it worked for you during LI and LII, stick with it. Believe me, you are all capable of passing this exam if you spend last 4-5 month battling this monster. Many concepts, lists, formulas have become second nature for many of you. Reaching this far is a big accomplishment by itself, two weeks from now, put on your battle gear (your favorite shirt/pants/jeans/whatever) and kill this exam. Below are just few pointers to keep in mind on the exam day. By now, I am sure many of you already know this after passing LI and LII, however, I just want to put it out there. 1. Don’t do much study the night before (expect for those who are in the 6-week program) 2. Make sure the battery in your calculator is new or fully charged. 3. Print two exam tickets just in case you spill coffee on it. 4. If doable, drive to the exam center and get yourself familiar with the place/parking. 5. Make sure your ID is not expired. This is important! They will NOT let you in if your ID is expired. 6. 20 minutes before you walk into the exam hall, look over all the lists you have made for yourself. 7. Eat a light lunch, don’t take a nap!! Forget about how you did in AM section, focus PM section and kill it, this can be make or break. 8. Thank your spouse as soon as you get home. 9. Enjoy the rest!

Thanks a lot for the valuable tips and best wishes. Hope we all pass this thing.

Thank you ws! And thanks for all your priceless inputs all along…

Thanks for all the help this year ws.

Great suggestions, ws!

“Thank your spouse as soon as you get home.” I will on Friday night:-) that a treat for me before I can take on evil. It is a kind of workout too if you don’t want to get hurt in the Gym.

thanks, ws.

I have a suggestion, and it sounds really silly but you wouldn’t believe how much it’s helped me shake of some nervousness before the test and actually crack a smile in the morning. The morning I woke up for level 1 and level 2 my boyfriend was already up to get me ready for the test, and he had Eye of the Tiger from Rocky blasting. So at first I was a little annoyed that he was trying to make light of such a serious moment, and then I just had to laugh at myself for taking this so seriously. So we were running around the house, I was pumping my fists up in the air, dancing around, punching. It was AWESOME. I never thought I’d be driving to the exam smiling and not thinking 1 bit about the test, but I was. So I suggest everyone go download Eye of the Tiger and have it ready to wake you up in the morning :slight_smile:

The Eye of the Tiger is pretty cool indeed.