Keep refreshing results?

Are u gonna keep checking your inbox around 9 or are you going to just wait till your ready?

My phone will beep when the email comes in but I’m thinking about letting the email sit for 30mins till I’m ready.

We passed. Who cares? :-). We don’t even need to see it. We know!

Bullsh*t - you know you will be refreshing every minute. surprise

I try to stick to a plan too, but the longest I am usually able to wait is 5-6 minutes (which feels like an hour) between refreshing.

Of course, I will be in non-stop meetings that day, traveling, so I will not be able to check every minute, thankfully.

You’re right. I’ll probably check right away.

I imagine me checking even before 9am. An over zealous CFAI staff may just click send before the set time. Really, I see me refreshing almost every minute. I also see my heart skipping once an email pops onto my smart phone. Last year (level 2 result), I received so many irrelevant emails just after 9am; and each of the pops nearly killed me.

Unfortunately, I have about 5 email boxes set up on my smart phone.

Last year I was at a funeral and that’s when I got the result. Guess what?, i FAILED ! lol … imagine the combination of failure + funeral … Anyhow im 90% sure that im going to fail this year but I hope i wont be at a funeral this year around =) and I’ll probably check using a laptop since I have bad experience with checking results through my phone