Kendrick Lamar (and Big Sean): Control track

Oh boy Kendrick hurt that one:

Lit up the interwebs with his assault.

Who’s feeling that track? Like the beef he stirred up? Prompted some nice rebukes:,0,6637424.story

I liked it. I think media ran with it… he pretty much didn’t diss anybody and said theytr all good but he’s trying to beat them. I didn’t like how kdot ended the verse with painting the plane scene and some thing about a condom parachute using dreds…may have to check rap genius for wtf that meant.

This is exactly what hip hop needs, a challenge so people can elevate their game. im tired of these wack ass chain wearing goof niggas making strip club pop joints for teddy ruxbin mufuckas like mmp. smell me?

Kendrick’s verse is fire, makes up for Big Sean’s appearance, that dude slap boxes kittens, for real he’s soft as pampers.

I laughed at Lupe’s response. That was one of his weirdiest songs. This link has most of the replies in one place:

“(Lupe) He’s rapping well here, but we’re not sure about what exactly (there’s Nazi metaphors here and shit.) The lines that we understood were good, though. We’re just gonna need Toure or the dudes from RapGenius to try to figure this out.”

My two favorite

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People overblew this. As far as a diss goes - I just don’t see it. He really just shouted out names of people he thinks are overrated. To be honest he’s about 99% correct. With the exception of Pusha T and Drake everyone else is just average. I wouldn’t put the two of them in the G.O.A.T debate, but to deny their talent is ridiculous. Pusha T invented swag coke raps and Drake perfected introspective rap and modernized the hook. I’m really just tired of people doing struggle raps/weed raps with no twist these days. Kendrick is definitely great because he is bringing back storytelling.

Disclaimer: I think Kanye will go down as the G.O.A.T. Why do artists have to die to be recongnized?

Double Post. See above

Disclaimer, i had to look up G.O.A.T lol

No chance he goes down as the greatest. Don’t get me wrong, i do like some of his work but i dont think he has done enough to pass those who are alive (nas, jz, m, ll cool j, dre, snoop dog, and probably a bunch of others). If he does overcome those living legends, its going to be hard to overtake big/pac - these guys are going to forever be known as the greatest bc they were the people that elevated rap to where it is today.

I can tell that we don’t share much music in common. I will give you Nas and Jay, but their career has also been going much longer so we really need to wait and see where the chips fall. It would be blasphemy if I didn’t respect them. To me to be the G.O.A.T you need to have a catalogue of music with many different sounds, have real meaning to your work and work that will stand the test of time.

Eminem - I don’t see how so many people like this guy. Is it cause he’s white? He self admitted that he doesn’t respect the work he made that first got him famous when he was upset his daughter is a dating a guy who idolizes him. He had my attention when I was angsty and young, but has lost me over the years. He went from date rape/killing to leave me alone to redemption teacher rap to some british accent to does he still make music? Do you even really care? His whole career is summed up by the fact that when you debate his merits people are quick to quote grammies or record sales not accounting for the fact he was the first mainstream white rapper and this alone got him spins/recognition. People aren’t accounting for the fact that statistics will never tell the whole story (Ron Harper has 5 NBA Championships and is therefore better than Carmelo?) Of course he has songs, but overall can the subject matter cannot maintain relevance when you’re 60?

LL Cool J - Clearly will not stand the test of time. People don’t listen to him now and he is still alive. I respond “LOL”

Dre - Respected in the rap community, but primarily known as a producer - and now just a brand. Dre was really never known for his raps. He put a lot of famous rappers on top of dope instrumentals and was handed ghost written verses to rap. He elevated a lot of people’s careers, but he never really did anything. People will mention him out of respect, but I doubt they honestly mean it. I really respect his contribution to rap music, but I will not entertain this debate.

Snoop Dogg - The most overrated rapper to ever live. See the above about Dre and now think about why Snoop Lion got so big. He is basically rode off of Pac and Dre’s work and became a walking gimick known more for smoking weed than his music. I have nothing against the guy and think he has a lot of great songs, but they have no meaning. He is a fun listen at times, but his flows are mostly in a lazy drug haze. (Disclaimer: I don’t like much West Coast rap)

Which brings me back to my question of why do people have to die to be recognized? The fact is we’ll never really understand Pac and Biggies full body of work. Biggie had two albums at the time of his death. Both are incredibly good and deserve to be listened to, but the subject matter is limited. He is one of my personal favorites, but can you really be the best ever with such a small amount of music? It’s like hitting a jump shot, subbing out of the game and claiming you shot 100%. Yea, but if you took another 99 what would your percentage be?

I’m to lazy to debate this topic. You made some good points but since music is about the intanglible of taste, we may never draw a conclusion. BTW, murder was the case, g thing, gin and juice, deep cover, vado, oh no, next episode, americas most wanted, lay low - can we agree Pitbull is more overrated than snoop dogg and leave it at that?

I agree

I think Kendrick/Wale represent a good change to what rap was becoming.

LOL come on LL cool J?

He softer than baby’s breath son

headsprung / shut em down are good songs. I had a few of his songs on my late night playlist but I through him in the list because hes been around forever and that deserves some credit.


Kool G Rap invented swag coke raps.

Okay, he invented raps for japanese snapback type hype beasts and perfected the ad lib. I’m really refering to Clipse more than his solo stuff. Hell Hath No Fury is a top 10 rap album of all time in my opinion. Also, had to YouTube Kool G. First thought was he has prototype NY/Wu-Tang flow. I go wikipedia and now I see why I felt that way I’ve been listening to his proteges: “He has also been cited as a major influence to some of hip-hop’s most critically acclaimed figures such as Nas, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson, and more.[9][17][18]

kool g rap is tight. Anybody else get into and1 mixtapes? I used to ball hard.


^^ LOL. I seen a few before, but it was never “my thing.” I liked the Rucker tournaments when they were on TV.

Oh yeah, this is my jam.