Kevin Gates

Frustrated to see him get 30 mos, there’s some truth to the system not letting some people rise beyond it. Next album is going to be ridiculous, calling it now.

This the guy that admitted he was banging his cousin for two years?

Felony gun charge and he fecks his cousin, sounds like a good bloke

Yeah but, two phones is a certified banger of a track.

John Gotti is good too - yet another rapper wanting to be italian tho.

who is this?

related to bill gates?

Yes they are related. Brotha from anotha motha

Look at mister oo la la, never banged any of my cousins, over here folks.

Just described India, the royal family and the entire Middle East fr,fr.

Anyhow, gun charge was just possession as a felon. Didn’t say he was nice, but dragging people back into jail on four year old charges when they finally get clear of their roots is hardly constructive.

Bet when he gets out, he’s even worse… they find him again 4 years after he’s released again… but this time… he’s got TWO guns… not just the one… prison just making people even worse criminals etc…

Well obviously he’ll be “rehabilitated” after spending 2.5 years surrounded by felons instead of his family in a wealthy neighborhood.

Anyhow, Satellite is probably his best song, hits full stride around 2:04, with Wish I Had It, Kno One and Not the Only One up there along with a ton others.

Did rappers used to get charged with actually committing crimes, rather than just breaking parole and shit like this?

In prison I hope he’s able to keep it real, 'cuz we’re keeping *it* real.


Yeah usually unlawful possession of a firearm.

I’m very upset about this. Kevin Gates is the only gangsta rapper that doesn’t glorify breaking the law and continually talks about what it has cost him.

He has lots of good songs, but wish I had it, out the mud, and paper chasers are my jam. Also like IHOP freestyle mostly because it reminds me of when I used to eat at that IHOP

Speaking of IHOP…


Goldman Sachs guys still not in jail. Nuked TRILLION$.

…but thankfully they got this nobody I’ve never heard of behind bars. :confused:

so because Indians, arabs and the royals feck their cousins it’s all good?

I mean, I don’t personally do it, but I’m not judging them for that. It was even common in the US and Europe until about a hundred years ago. I definitely had a much more narrow minded / US centric view of it before I dated a Kuwaiti and at the time was shocked to find out it was common practice in those regions. It’s not for me, but I try to keep it in perspective given that it’s largely a cultural convention, as I pointed out. It largely sprouted alongside the eugenics movement and remains legal in 20 of the 50 states. Any risk of gene pool corruption is typically only after several repeated generations of occurrence.

Judging someone’s character for banging their cousin is not wholly different than judging someone for any other sexual preference. Also, I give the guy some leeway given the hardship of his background and the fact that he’s clearly a well documented eccentric artist with undeniable talent.