Key Focus Areas for the Level II Exam

This question is for anyone who has already taken the Level II Exam. I am beginning my review for Level II a little behind schedule and am hoping to get some insight as to what to expect from this test. Based on the cirriculum there is obviously much more concentration on investments than Level I. What else should I expect? Thanks!

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I think this person is taking Dec. Level Two exam. Don’t you think, guys??

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blarson2 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- What else should I expect? Thanks! To fail. But please sit and take the whole test. Thanks!

Don’t bother studying. I have an inside source at CFAI who told me this year all the answers will be “C”.

C for morning session and B for afternoon session haha LOL

I looked at my admission ticket today. Section BBB. I now know how my guesses will be filled in.