Key to retention

Hi all, I was wondering how do you guys manage to retain things. I just tens to forget with days! S

Exactly the same way as you studied back in undergrad.

Well yeah same here I was shocked to discover I could barely recall most of my intensive Quants stuff, well i just have to re-do it all over again.

What I do is make copies of the reading summaries at the end of each of the CFAI and Schweser readings, put them in a stack by my bed, then randomly pick two to three summaries and read them before I go to bed. Sometimes I read 5-10… it doesn’t take long at all, and I think reading them before sleeping helps retention somehow. Some of the ones from the earlier readings I’ve read so many times I can practically recite them from memory! If I really don’t remember something, I highlight it, go to sleep and go back and read over the LOS when I have time. Try it out… it’s hard to get in the habit, but once you do it’ll be second nature… plus, some readings like quant or bond math will realllllly get you in the mood for sleeping!!