Keystone XL

Bye bye!

This has to be one of the most irrational decisions this already foolish President could make. Enjoy your increased rail traffic and the safety and emissions issues that come with that, foolish Americans. I hope Canadians think twice about supporting the U.S. politically or when buying American products.

Do people really have strong feelings on this one way or the other? I guess I missed why I should really care about this one, could have gone either way and I wouldnt have cared.

Is a Keystone XL like a tall boy? Drank plenty of them when I was a youngster

OOOOO Keystone, the beer of my college days. One of the better cheap brewskies for sure

Americans probably shouldn’t care to much. Other than that your President is hijacking industry with his radical ideology (which should concern Americans that believe in rule of law and free markets). Remember that this pipeline was approved every step of the way. Your President has chosen to ignore the regulatory process for political ends. For Canadians it does matter greatly as it impacts the WCS/WTI differential… Costs us billions to not have access to markets for our crude.

Why should they care? We always had more at stake than they did.

I suppose I am not too in the know on the distribution of crude. Why does canada have to get this oil into the US and what was the benefit to Americans for this pipeline? Not trying to be an ass, generally curious

How did O ignore the regulatory process?

So the Canadians are really butt hurt because 1) it would have been a large infrastructure project for them, 2) it would have allowed them to boost margins and production by reducing the spread (at further detriment to US producers). This move also leaves the US with a bargaining chip for later. All in all, it doesn’t strike me as particularly rash or stupid. Edit: The Canadians need to get the crude to the US Gulf Coast because there’s a large number of refineries there.

Pipelines in general reduced the rate of potential accidents relative to rail but increase the liklihood of large spills because they can be difficult to detect and quickly stop. So pros and cons.

TP = toilet paper?

The Keystone pipeline is already operational. The proposed phase will merely replace part of the existing pipeline with a larger and more direct pipe. That’s why it is called Keystone “XL”. Canada does not actually “need” this new pipe to transport oil. However, it will make oil transportation faster and cheaper, and will make tar sand oil from Canada more attractive to extract. The new pipe is just a pro-business project.

Now, understand that the main source of environmentalist objection to this project is to simply make oil harder and more expensive to produce. Transporting oil by rail or truck will probably result in higher costs, higher emissions per unit of oil transported, and maybe even more spill accidents. No study has proven that the Keystone XL pipeline will cause significant environmental damage.

In addition, the Keystone XL pipeline will have only small effects on the US economy. The main benefits will go to the owner, Transamerica company, and perhaps to Canadian sand oil producers. Obama even said in his speech that the debate was a waste of time. But people always need some kind of banner issue to talk about.

yeah if you went to college in the 80s.

No the main environmentalist concern is exploiting oil sands which are dirty…

Environmentalists would have rejected the Keystone XL pipeline regardless of the type of oil source that it connected to. All oil extraction causes emissions and pollution. They want to reduce the share of US energy that is based on oil, and this can be accomplished by creating a “tax” on oil in the form of higher extraction costs.

I don’t much care either way, but it should be noted that the expansion of the pipeline would have hurt BNSF, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Crony capitalism anyone?

we stop supporting their wars of terror (borat reference) and they stop supporting our oil industry. sounds about right.

05-09, Keystone never dies!

if we could build an infinite number of pipelines, the difference in the per barrel cost would be about US$4-$5. denying KXL will have a minor impact on realized oil prices. its not like now is a good time to increase oil sands production so it doesn’t even matter right now. revisit when oil is back to US$80 (my thought is it will take 3-4 years using IEA data). more pipelines to come!

The pipeline would be better for Alberta than it would be for the U.S. as a whole, but I think having a healthy oil and gas industry in Alberta is a net positive for the U.S. Heavy oil in Alberta trades at a huge discount to heavy oil in the rest of the world, and it’s really hurt a lot of Canadian companies. They should get at least upper $30s/bbl their heavy crude produced in Alberta, but instead pricing is only $30.40 as of this morning. That makes a big difference for projects that are already up and running b/c their cash operating costs are above that. This leg of the Keystone would narrow that spread significantly.

Just going off the media, you’d think Keystone XL is the only pipeline being built in the U.S., but it’s absolutely not. The U.S. would hardly be hurt by this pipeline, and it’s pretty much a middle finger to Canadians in Alberta. They are singling out of this one pipeline, as opposed to the other big projects out there, and Alberta is the unfortunate victim. The Canadian economy could use a little help right now, but they aren’t getting it from the U.S. I think it sucks but unfortunately politics got too involved.