Khabib vs McGregor

i love the aggression and the violence. it is nice to see that people still have passion to risk it all for the sake of honor and vengeance. mc greggor is a solid dude for not snitching and pressing charges.

this all started cuz mcgreggor’s russian friend called khabib a coward. khabib then tried to punk mcgreggor’s friend and slapped him around. then mc greggor confronted a dolly at thier bus and shatterred a window. tit for tat. everyone always tries to ante up in this sport. I love it! the key here is when you are alpha, people need to understand to stfu.

I agree, the heavy cut thing totally distorts the fights. McGregor basically made his name from it though as he should never have been a featherweight.

Khabib is pretty bad for it too though, he’s not made the cut a few times and pulls out quite often.

these mma fights are getting too lame, when will they add weaponry to the mix?

Tony Ferguson next? Honestly, that may be a better fight. Connor got owned. I feel that Khabib could have subbed him before the 4th round RNC.

^ I think the Ferguson McGregor fight would be really entertaining and based on how rusty mcgregors stiking was and how unpredictable ferguson is I think it could easily go either way. I also wonder how Ferguson would cope against Khabib.

It got totally overshadowed but how good was the Ferguson v Pettis fight? That was entertaining.

Ferguson was an animal. I’m kind of his style in the terms of high energy and not stopping in sparring. They say he trains 6hrs/day which is pretty much the same for me. Not that I would ever be at his level, technically or in rankings, but our training habits seem similar.

Great fight.

Pettis looked fat to me. Is he usually at a lighter weight class? When he did that jumping off the cage kick, he seemed to be more nimble.

Khabib is about to leave the UFC so no need to worry about rematches.

Just like the media, the coverage on this case is so biased it’s sickening. News loves CM and there is no changing that - i hope khabib leaves and starts an exodus of other fighters who follow a similar path (highly unlikely tho).


Starting to get a little chilly, kind of want…