Khabib vs McGregor

I hope McGregor gets knocked out but I think he’ll get choked out.

When he is making $40 million for each fight, I don’t think he cares either way…

For $4M I’d go in there and get knocked out. Health risks can’t be much worse than office life.

classic finance worker response.

Of course he cares. Fair enough with mayweather he was just aiming for a pay day and not to make a total arse of himself but the Khabib fight will shape how he’s considered in the history of the sport.

Same, would fight both those guys at the same time for $4M

Khabib will destroy him, but CM will still declare victory and line himself up for another pay day. Few years from now we find out CM is broke, he mismanaged his money, had 3 divorces, and 15 children with 5 different women… Decades from now his brain will be donated to CTE research, and it will be declared none of it was his fault.

I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s scripted. McGregor really is a piece of shit but usually acts respectful after the fight. He took it wayyyy too far this time.

Enjoyed this fight very much, loved the strikes in round 2.

And now McGregor is talking rematch… I don’t think he deserves one but would love to see him beat again.

give me a break. It’s promoting a fight, if you can’t handle someone insulting your country/religion/father what kind of man are you?

Typical muslim, can’t handle anyone challenging the religion

What are khabib and his guys trying to do by attacking mcgregor and his guys? trying to get them to bend to their worldview that you can’t insult their religion or country and insult their ‘honour’

nobody is duty bound to give respect to any religion beyond allowing religious freedom. I wonder what religious freedom is like in dagestan for all religions that aren’t islam.

I respect khabib as a fighter and thought he was a man of morals until last night but I think he’s the worst thing that’s happened to MMA. Just when it was starting to take off here comes a guy who will beat literally everyone in the most ridiculously boring way possible. Serious question, does anyone enjoy watching it? most of the first round he was just lying on top of mcgregor.

part of me thinks the whole thing was planned. if the brawl didn’t happen, what happens next in that division? Would people really be that interested in a rematch? I reckon Khabib will get stripped of the title and suspended, mcregegor will fight Tony Ferguson for the belt. But on the other hand, UFC has done so much to present the sport as a proper sport and clean up the image so I don’t think they’d condone the mass brawl.

I enjoyed round 1, you could see khabib gaining a better and better position with each few moves he made.

I don’t think it’s just a religious thing, there are people in the US that would kill you if you stepped on their shoes. Just cause you and I wouldn’t do something like that, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t and Conor wants to mess with that, then he better be ready for the consequences.

Let’s not forget Conor brought his goons and attacked a bus with innocent people on it and the UFC did nothing.

Same question I had when McGregor attacked the bus. Just like Mayweather, TBE, told him “The same way you dish it out, you have to be able to take it.”

Didn’t look like he was choking his airway but cutting off blood flow. Conor started fading and tapped before the inevitable.

it was a neck crank - it might have just felt like his neck/spine was about to go out - it’s a horrible feeling and even if you don’t have an air/blood choke, you have to tap or suffer very bad neck/spine injuries - sometimes you feel lightheaded and like your neck is going to pop out of place

It’s not the easiest submission to do - you have to be technical / strong

some people do it in the Gi with the Gi over your chin

There is probably more emphasis on a heavy cut in MMA, so a 135lb MMA fighter would probably have a heavier walking around weight than a boxer who competes at 135lbs (I don’t know the boxing categories).

But, fighters have died from heavy cuts in MMA. It’s brutal dude. If you’re at a boxing/MMA gym, you know when people are going through their cuts. I’ve seen MMA guys walk around at 200-205 not lean and cut to a lean 155lb for a fight. It’s insane.

Khabib rocked Conor’s world. And if you look at the videos coming out now, it’s Conor who sucker punched Khabib’s trainer – not the other way around as dana white said. Don’t forget Conor throwing the garbage cans and breaking the windows of Khabib’s bus at MSG – nearly injuring pedestrians and people on bus. That was dangerous. At least Khabib apologised after the fight for jumping over the cage which was stupid thing to do. The other guy who should apologize is dana white, he really got that vince mcmahon act going that makes things look fake sometimes.

My head coach put a UFC fighter though a cut and I think he quit or something. It is really pushing the limits of your body. Some people’s kidneys go out, there are liquid measurements of water leading up to the cut and you take odd medicines like diahrrea medicine or something? WYG might know more than me about cutting, but there is a formula.

Ive heard some speculation that Anderson Silva went through too heavy of a cut prior to breaking his leg.

I think Joe Rogan is for the same day weigh in and I am as well. This heavy cut thing is stupid and I refuse to do it.

I think people are losing perspective of what McGregor actually said when building the fight. McGregor called him a ‘backwards c u nt’ for refusing a drink which is pretty insensitive but not that bad. He gave the Chechen teammate a bit of banter for taking orders from a Dagestani, and repeated some pretty widespread allegations against Khabib’s manager. Should a sportsmen be associating with a dictator like Kudyrov?

And it’s not like Mcgregor travelled over to Dagestan and insulted their culture, all of this was said in the US. Khabib is leaving his world to come to the west to fight for a western entertainment company.

Before the fight people were bought into the narrative of Khabib being respectful but have you seen the video of him and his huge entourage roughing up Lobov? Not exactly honourable behaviour. Same goes for the Chechen guy sucker punching from behind and then bragging about it afterwards.

During the trash talking Khabib also retaliated calling mcgregor a drunken bum and insulting him for not speaking irish, something that could be pretty insensitive to irish people but mcgregor brushed it off because he’s not a 10 year old girl who can’t handle a bit of banter. It wasn’t widely reported as Khabib has no wit whatsoever so the insult fell flat.

What Khabib did in jumping over the octagon and attacking the coach was extremely dangerous due to the potential for starting a full out riot. Why do you think McGregor is always so humble and respectful after fights? It’s because of the potential for the punters in the crowd and the wider public getting seriously injured if things kick off.

Nah, McGregor is a piece of shit, you see how he treated Aldo before the fight? Hardly ever defends his titles or talks rematches when he wins, cheats like crazy (punched Floyd in the back of the head all night, this one grabbed the cage, threw illegal knee, grabbed gloves, grab shorts) and expects rematches when he loses. Poor sportsman and deserves everything that he got.

Traveled to the US with his buddies to trash a bus… threaten the lives of the guy’s family! That’s beyond religion, country, culture.

Some people in this world, including me, go by what bas rutten said “I don’t believe in an eye for an eye, i believe in 2 eyes for 1 eye.”

I’m not arguing anything in the 1st 2 paragraphs as what Mcgregor did with the bus is indefensible.

That last paragraph is pretty backwards though