Kid Pays $42,500 for 1 Week Vogue Internship Poll: How much do you pay for a 1 week Goldman internship with the King Llyod?

More costly and worthless than a univesity of Phoenix degree.

I hope it at least includes a little “private time” with one of the cover models.

I don’t think its a waste. One person I know paid to do an internship on the Street. He was able to network his way into a full-time offer with GS, then moved to TPG within a year, and now will attend the Stanford MBA.

From what angle does she look like a kid? She looks atleast 40 to me

That’s not the intern, that’s Anna Wintour (supposedly the real world “Devil” in “The Devil Wears Prada”). And she’s 50.

OHHHHHHHHH! Never herd of her, never seen the movie! Nevermind then…

A person I know won the lottery the first time he played. Sounds like a good investment then if somenone has succeeded at it once before.