Killing time in between studying...

outside of work/school requirements and the 3 hrs a day of studying, is anyone else doing anything fun? I’m trying to ride/gym it on the weekends and do some fun reading b4 bed, anyone else? or is it ballztothewall for everyone on here? burning out is a big fear for me, so whatever I’m having some kind of life during this process

friday evening I am playing volleyball… every friday after playing i feel like i have wasted 3 hours… but cant help…

Drinking lots and lots of beer. I don’t plan on taking the CFA until next June at least so I’ve got some party time left in me and a few spare brain cells.

watch sports. baseball is fun these days and football starts soon.

I’ve been doing about 3-4 hours of study a day during the week, sometimes early am before work, sometimes I just lock myself in a conference room when the clock strikes 5. My weekends have been rather inconsistent as I am still allowing myself to go to rooftop parties/bbqs/restaurants etc. (Hey it is summer in Chicago!) so I sometimes feel a little lazy on Sunday mornings. But, I’m fine with that for now as I do not want to burn out. I am also making sure I workout at least 3-4 times a week. There are some days where I feel mentally tired after working all day so I just hit the gym (or sometims just a 2 mile run through the neighborhood) and then feel totally fresh and ready to absorb. I don’t think I could make it without this actually…

Chi Paul - Agreed! Working out / some kind of intense physical activity totally clears my head and juices me up…it IS the secret

I run every morning before work (training for a 1/2 marathon), which is helping to keep me sane. Weekends have been rough…I’m going to my 7th wedding of the summer this weekend (and the 8th next weekend), and I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to not get drunk when there’s an open bar and everyone else is drunk. Hence, Sundays after Saturday weddings have NOT been productive.

DRINK. It’s the right thing to do.

haven’t touch a book on the weekend yet, and 2-3 hours 4 days per week, im a fitness freak and my best advice to anyone is to workout as much as possible to relieve the stress and give yourself some energy, its summer time with 4 months until the exam

drink. you can network and i always walk away from gatherings like that with a new contact or two. if someone works on wall street, i make sure to get my face in front of them and get their info, linked in invite persmission, etc. i am 29. socializing is important at my age. it is for everyone. study hard of course, but dont go do what that guy did, who closed himself in a room for 6 months and still failed. I would go to wedding and bring a book along. reading 30 pages over a 3 day wknd after taking some cranberry juice to relieve hangover will not hurt.

you guys are inspiring me. I had a great week of studying, so I am going to drink this weekend away. Have a good one everybody!