Who likes wearing 'em?

Apparently you don’t have to be Scottish or Irish – you just shouldn’t be using a tartan pattern you’re not qualified to use.

Wait for the end: “It’s true!!!”


you have to be scottish. i have one. i’ve probably worn my wife’s kilt more than my own.

Man, even young people looked old back then.

Explain this one… unless I really DON’T want to know.

At the risk of going all angry Scotsman…

  • Irish men don’t traditionally wear kilts

  • Women don’t traditionally wear kilts. They can wear tartan skirts without a sporran and all the other things that go with the traditional attire.

  • It’s not a tartan pattern, it’s just tartan. You should only ever wear one of your Clan’s tartans or one of the non Clan specific ones.

  • It is true, wearing any kind of underwear under a kilt is considered even lamer than a fake Sgian Dubh

  • Final point, if you find yourself in a bar or a club in a kilt and you can pull it off (they don’t suit skinny, small framed or fat guys) you will get lucky. Every single time.

These are braw. I’ll be getting a few of them when I pack in this finance career and become a plumber…

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