KimK has herpes?

Frankie, you’re worst nightmare.

The 27-year-old basketball star – who split with ex-wife Kim Kardashian in October after just 72 days of marriage – is being sued for sexual battery by Kayla Goldberg, who alleges the sportsman gave her the sexually transmitted disease after they met up in August 2010.

According to the lawsuit, Kayla claims she met Kris in The Newsroom Cafe in Los Angeles and the pair went on to have unprotected sex in his room at the Thompson Hotel.

She is suing for unspecified damages, alleging that Kris knew he had the disease when they got together but didn’t tell her.

A source close to the NBA star told RadarOnline: "Kris was recently accused by another woman of giving her herpes, this happened within the last two months.

not surprising

Kayla… Kris… Kim… AAaargh. I can’t take it!

kris humphris is an idiot…i can’t believe girls want him…and of all people kim…

not sure if any of you guys watched kourtney and khloe takes Miami but there was this classy babe working at their store that also could have had herpes…

Kim looked ultra classy in the video with Ray J that she sold to Vivid for 5 mils

^ Now can you stop barraging us with this BS… the b***h got herpes for goodness sake. There are plenty fish in the sea. Move on!! go obsess on some other realty /porn star. Aren’t their Canadian whores on reality TV?

I don’t think classy babes can “look like they might have herpes” and still look classy. There might be classy babes that have herpes, but they don’t “look like it.”

K.K. Has herpes?? Who would ever have guessed that???

Kim K sold her vid for 5 million?

that is genius right there…there are porno companies that can’t generate half that revenue with over 3 dozens of classy babes…

1 out of 4 people have it. That means two of us in this thread…I have my ideas who.

^ haha

i knew one guy who had it back when i was in university…i dont’ think i would risk it with any girl…

difinately not Frank…dude is a full virgin…

Hey Iteracom! u havent really been ACTIVE since you passed…have you taken my advice and been out sowing your royal oats?

Did KK really sell her video with Ray J to Vivid Entertainments for 5 million??? I though it was RJ who did it!

I heard Kim K got herpes but the virus couldn’t survive such a poisonous environment *down there* and finally died.

May be she took it voluntarily thinking it was a French luxury product (Hermes)


they’re just dirty rumours…Kim is fresh to death

The pope is muslim


Well, there’s only one way to know for sure: foreskin test.