Kind of digging the new format changes

Looks good. Also, nice that the thread “updated” tag is more visible than before.

Whoa, got an “Original Poster” Ms. Universe sash. Awkward…

I really like the new changes as well…I’d say keep it like this!!

Hmm…I think I preferred the avatar and name etc to be adjacent to the post, not above it.

Yes, I like the changes on the threads list page a lot. I think that it might be nicer to have the “new” and “updated” flags after the thread name rather than before it, but that’s a minor point. Edit: I take that back. Having the new and updated tags after might not look so good b/c they’d be scattered all around and might be harder to associate wit the relevant thread. Good choice after all!

newsuper: I was fond of the original design myself, however based on all the feedback, we decided it would be best to go with this stacked format, since it gives a wider reading area, and also enforces an absolute limit on how much vertical space can be used up by that data (in some cases with all possible profile fields filled in and several studying with logos, a person’s avatar/name area could end up substantially longer than the post itself). In this revision of the design, I made reductions in vertical space as much as possible (one big win actually is in quoted posts… each quote now takes a lot less vertical space than they did previously, which adds up over the course of a long thread). The blue header and sponsor areas below are also condensed compared to before. bchadwick: Yep that was my thought as well, which is why I placed them to the left. When on the right they look scattered, as you mentioned.

i like the newer format better, maybe the quote and reply button space area can be smaller

I’m seeing a problem on Chrome where the avatar box intrudes into the message contents. Is anyone else getting this?

Yes I have the same problem.

This site is totally broken on IE8. What is this “Original Poster” garbage? This is not rocket surgery.

I like the OP wrap. Don’t have to bother trying to remember who it was

It’s not just IE. Just tried it on Firefox and it’s worse. Either way you can’t even make out the full name of the member that’s posting. Then the country, rating, etc. bleeds onto the text of the post. This is a mess.

To me, it’s more important to have a flag/sash/wrap to identify my own posts. I may want to know who the original poster is on the page that has the list of threads, but it’s not that important to me within the thread (I don’t know if others agree with me on this). Personally, If there’s a sash, I’d prefer to see it on my own posts so that I can tell where I’ve made comments in the thread and track where and when I said them and if people are responding to what I’ve said. As for the original poster sash… I could take it or leave it… it’s not that important to me. I use Safari on Mac, and it looks nice. I think I had it on Firefox for Windows and some weird stuff happened where things crashed into each other. On the whole, though, nice job.

The site gets progressively more pleasant looking throughout the day. By tomorrow, it will be the most magnificent site I’ve ever seen!

We’ve definitely been experiencing some strange bugs with the forum software today. The bugs are not browser-related (all pages work in every major browser on our testing server) however may be related to the special caching software the live server makes use of (which is not used on the test server or local development servers, where the site works perfectly). It also only seems to affect the site while logged out (when logged in, things look right). If anyone is experiencing issues, while logged in, which you can reproduce right now (not counting earlier today), please let me know. Please mention your browser and OS. Thanks!

I’m a fan of the new format. Good job.