Kindle Fire + Vitalsource

I once had an Android tablet, but my hapless wife dropped it one too many times and it’s dead. I only bought the CFA e-books and figured I would get a new tablet to read them on for this go around. I’m probably going to wait a couple of weeks to see if Google announces anything compelling on the Nexus front, but the new Kindle Fires are just so cheap and the kid’s edition looks like it would play well with my violent toddler.

Anybody know if Vitalsource plays well with Kindle Fire or not?

Don’t have any insight to offer here, but would be equally interested in any answers to this question…

The Vital Source Bookshelf app is available as a free download from the Kindle Fire Apps Library. And has moderately good reviews. So, yes.

I actually ordered the 7" version. Vitalsource runs fine on it but the tablet itself was a bit small and Vitalsource’s scaling was awkward: Zoom in and there’s no way to see complete graphs without zooming back out. And the tablet was a bit slow, so doing that repeatedly was pretty cumbersome. I wound up shipping it back and just picking up another larger tablet at Costco.

Time to follow your own advice kiddo.