Kit Cars

So I was chatting with one of my new neighbors over the weekend and turns out that he’s building a kit car in his garage. He hasn’t done much yet, but he estimates it will take him about 400 hours of labor. Anyone ever built one? I’ve long been intrigued by the idea, but now I’m really, really intrigued. For those who care, he’s building a GTM Supercar from Fast Five Racing. I’ve always wanted to do an AC Cobra 427 replica.

Never done it, but sounds interesting. I have a feeling that once I considered the full dollar cost, time, and future self maintenance, I would end up just buying a Miata or something. But if you’re into that, sounds like fun.

Yeah sounds cool - hopefully he is putting a real engine in there

Yes, you have to buy an engine. Although at 2000 lbs or so, the car does not need a lot of power to go fast.

The other question, of course, is how fast you actually want to drive in such a car. It’s essentially 80s safety technology (or earlier) in a tiny body. Going 80 mps in a Prius feels fine, but going 80 mph in a Cobra replica would probably feel disconcerting.

Yeah I mean they have those Lambo body kits you can put on a honda accord. Those big engines are expensive.

Not a car, but I have flown in a home-built airplane. There are required placards that state “This is an experiemental aircraft not built to federal safety standards.” Nice thing to read while you are airborne and buzzing a friend’s house at 150 knots.

The car my neighbor is building takes a C5 Corvette engine. If I ever do the Cobra, it would take a mid-2000’s Mustang engine.

Interestingly, the kit cars get titled but are exempt from emissions regulations, so no catalytic converter.