kkent and other Hokies

From Schweser’s site: Dr. Randall S. Billingsley, CFA Randy is a finance professor at Virginia Tech. An award-winning teacher at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, he works as an expert witness on valuation and investment-related litigation matters. His research and case studies have appeared in many academic and practitioner publications. Randy’s primary research and teaching is in investments in general and equity valuation and regulatory finance in particular. ********************************************************* Do you know this professor? Ever have any classes he taught? He is listed on Schweser site as a level II contributor. I wasn’t a finance major at VT so I didn’t recognize the name.

My roommate had him and I’ve spoken with him extensively. The man is ridiculously brilliant. He’s been pushing the CFA program at Virginia Tech big time. He primarily teaches Managing Risk with Derivatives at the undergraduate level and apparently (according to my roommate), it’s an obscenely hard class for which a student will learn a ton. He’s also written some texts for the CFAI derivatives section. If you don’t know by now, his specialty is derivatives. All the full-time finance professors are brilliant, but Mr. Billingsley is on another level. Oh, and he’s just the nicest guy. Fantastic guy. A real class act.

VT also has Don Chance who is another excellent prof. I dealt with him on a number of issues that had to do with the student run endowment funds. He advises one of those funds at VT. However, I hear he’s pretty tough on the Phd students, got a friend of mine kicked out.

I believe Don Chance is at LSU now but not positive.

^ Seems to be corrrect based on a quick google.