Did anyone get their cover blown? Knowing how most financiers are, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few were on the list

what happened

yea i saw bgachad on there. CvM was right all along.

Kim, Khloe, & Kourtney?

What does KKK do nowadays? Presumably, they don’t go around hanging black guys in 2015. So do they have a nice newsletter or something?

i think it’s all for the keg parties now.


Hacktivist group Anonymous has begun publishing the personal details of members of the Ku Klux Klan as its campaign of cyberwar against the white supremacist group escalates.

Anonymous, the amorphous online activist collective, last week promised to reveal the identity of thousands of members of the KKK after coming into possession of the private information through a compromised Twitter account associated with the group.

Anon is all about freedom of speech and eliminating censorship…so long as they don’t dislike what you’re saying.

oh boy


Chappelle has some of the best social commentary of the last 15 years if you look at his stand up and show. The man was an absolute comedic genius

Carlos Mencia as well.

^ewww. ban.

Lmao JB nice one. Mencia really fell off the face of the earth once he got exposed. That Joe Rogan bit absolutely destroyed him

Wait, what happened?

Wait you were serious? It came out Mencia was notorious for stealing other comics material, Joe Rogan famously called him out on it in boss-like fashion and his career never recovered. Link below:


Anyway, why would you trust anything published by this group? There is absolutely no due diligence performed on Anonymous and no one even knows who the members are. The number of politicians (and their spouses) on this list might even suggest that the list could be politically motivated. We also don’t know if those emails were put on the list with the owners’ consent.