KMD is a Catch

I’m impressed with her abilities in general. AF is lucky to have her. I think the ‘motivation’ and ‘perseverance’ factor is lost on the 20 year olds these days. Its like they feel they deserve everything without actually doing anything. In contrast to KMD, who has done it all.

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What is with the gif? Are you saying she is a cougar?

I just googled a “good catch” and this came up as well as Ohai doing the Titanic pose on a red velvet piece of furniture in white boxers… google is quirky at times

I enjoy her post, she seems like a good person.

Thanks guys! :+1:

I have not really noticed that young people are so entitled that they don’t admire motivation and perseverance. I only notice that external validation seems to be prioritized over internal validation. It is easier to define yourself though the accomplishments/ attributes of the mate you can tie down than actually accomplish things yourself. It is easier define yourself to others by what you are chasing rather than what you have actually accomplished. Of course, it is easier to receive validation for aligning yourself with certain titles, political tribes or movements than it is to negotiate your own way in absence of it. All of this is a valid struggle though. I still fight it. Hence the Howard Roark quote :wink:

Tank Isiah for his great thread

Political tribes can be dangerous… a lot of people these days just follow along blindly, very sad!

The catch that cannot be caught, soon to be a cat lady.

I like kmd. She is fire. Who’s down voting kmd?

This is a thread I would have expected out of Turd.

Does she eat live snakes??

obviously people that aren’t woke

The karma system is fake news.

Got my own HCB so I’m good bro.

HCB who understands the seven level ascendency of Lord Ra and transdemensional theta emissions is a catch for sure.

Lol… drop the mic

Turd prolly has a bunch of fake voting accounts.

Balance. yin/yang. Mrs. Turd is quite normal. When the time is right, all will have the choice to see.

This thread is weird . . . stick to the training bro

ACE playing the long game. I like it. can’t just slide into DMs asking for booty pics with an HCB. 80% of the time it works every time.

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