Know much about Private Wealth/Investment Counsel firms?

Sorry for the repetitive posts. Just trying to find out information about potential future career paths. From what I know about Private Wealth industry is that you work for an “Investment Counsel” type firm, that usually have minimums of $500,000-$1,000,000 for private clients. Most of these firms have their own funds/investment products which these clients invest in. I understand to start out at one of these firms, you usually start out as an associate working under an investment counsellor who has a set list of high net worth clients, and depending on your relationship with the counsellor or positions available, you could already be doing policy/allocation mixes, client interactions etc in an associate role. After the associate, you can move up to Investment Counsellor, and after researching other titels, they are also known as “Private client portfolio managers”, where in essence you have to be as knowledgeable as a PM to explain concepts/information to your clients and to leave the PM to do their job, but also need the client interaction/relationship building skills as well to handle these high net worth clients. I dont know too much about what comes after Investment Counsellor, Can you become a Managing Director? or do you simply take on higher net worth clients? ANybody here an associate/counsellor and/or works in this field who can shed some light on this field/compensation/breaking in etc? Much appreciated!