knowing the results release date

so i hadn’t been on the level I forum in a while, but was surprised to see that for the dec 2007 test cfai has already published the release date for the results in jan 2008. they have never done this before… does that mean this will be something they will do going forward? so that when we take the exam for level II in june… we will know shortly thereafter which day in august we will find out? because that would be really really great to know for sure when, instead of signing on and off the site multiple times a day like a madwoman. any thoughts?

For some reason I feel that publishing the exact date and time the results will be listed is going to cause a major rush on their servers and crash the website. However, being the smart institute that they are, I hope they will be preparing for it with extra space, bandwidth or whatever it is called, at 9am.

I get an email once the results are released. Why do you have to keep logging in to see if they’ve posted? Can’t you just change your profile to get an email once the results are available? Regards Chris

Because usually that email comes out a few hours after the results are available online. And since all of us here at AF are going crazy around that time, we want to know at the first possible moment what our results are.

to echo ymichael12 i received my email at around 12pm… but logged in to find out results just before 9am. i’m just curious to know if this will be their policy going forward, to publish release date beforehand.