Knowledge of Level 1 and Level 2 subjects for Level 3 prep?


I cleared Level I in June 2016 and Level II in June 2017. But due to various reasons (personal + professional), I haven’t been able to give Level III till now. I had registered for the June 2020 attempt, and have not chosen the December 2020 attempt.

Given my unique situation (since I last studied for CFA 3 years ago), I wanted to know whether I can just rely on Level III Schweser to provide a recap of previous concepts that shall be used (if any), or whether I need to go through LI and LII topics as well?

If you feel I need to go through LI and LII topics as well, please suggest what would be the best way to go about that, as I feel that going through the Schweser material once again for those exams would be quite a stretch.

Thanks in advance!

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