Knowledge of the Law.

_Ia) Members and candidate must understand and comply with all applicable laws of any government, regulatory organization, licensing agency, or professional association governing their professional activity. _

I have been wondering if this Standard applies to all political laws, common laws, rules, enactmanets, constitution of a country or is this just strictly limited to the laws on professional activity?

For instance, if a court in the US finds you guilty of Felony, are you in breach of this standard? What if it was something as mundane as not paying your train ticket in the UK or preaching the gospel in Iran?

I am quite sure that this specific standard refers to the law the governs professional activity only. That is after all why there is comparability between laws and the standards and guidance about which one to follow in case of conflict.

General breaches of the law would fall under I.d) misconduct.

I’ve come across several ethics question where trivial infractions such as DUI during non-work hours aren’t considered breach of standards. But if it’s something like theft or murder, then it would count as a breach; I seem to remember that even being acquitted of serious crime is grounds for dismissal