Konvexity and its Mocks


has anyone heard of Konvexity and attempted the mocks from them …? …

I have done their sectional tests. They are relatively tougher than Schweser as I could score on an average 60% in them while I was scoring around 75% in Schweser exams. They have covered FRA and Equity really well. I haven’t subscribed for their mock exams. So, I can’t comment on their quality.

I think they have provided enough free material on their website to check their question level. You may go through that material before purchasing their material.

my bro has bought me the material on their website … as a gift … imagine the kind of gifts cfa students get !!! … hahaha

have not attempted it so far but was wanting a thought if i should spend time on it

Haha! I have a birthday coming up. May be I should put gift card to Elan Guides on my wish list. LOL