Konvexity Mock exams for level 2 2019

Anybody is doing, or has done Konvexity mocks?

Just purchased their mocks, skimmed some of them and it seemed relatively shorter than CFAI’s mocks. I wonder how close their mocks to actual exam?

123mpr I know you dude did these mocks, and probably became an expert in CFA mocks))

I’ve done with all CFAI mocks and MM mocks, and results are very bad.

Hey mate, can’t comment on the quality of Konvexity mock exams, however just to your last point - don’t feel too down just now and keep at it. Look through your results and work out what areas need further attention, don’t feel bad about going back to the text to the relevant sections or even using the text to search for details while you sit your next mock… Just keep grinding it out, you can do it. Best of luck

Any mocks you can get your hands on I would just do. I used Konvexity last year and have no complaints regarding their mocks

On average, I am generally scoring a little bit higher on Schweser and CFAI compared to Konvexity. But I still find them to use very testable material, and I would definitely recommend that you do them given that you have the time. I’ve done two of the three Konvexity mocks so far.

Just did first AM section. Wow, it was like a medication. I like how their cases are short and concise.

Thats 125mph !

I personally liked Konvexity mocks. They were very similar to the real exam. I like Kaplan’s mocks as well. I scored very similar in Kaplan, Konvexity and CFAI’s official mocks.

To be honest, the exam is actually slightly easier than all three.

Actual exam will be way easier than schweser mocks.