Konvexity or Wiley?

I have finished Schweser practice exams, IFT mocks, and CFAI mocks. I’m saving Schweser mock just one day before the exam. However, I want to do more mocks from now up to a day before the exam, should I go with Konvexity or Wiley?

People routinely dog on Wiley for their mocks on here - so I steered clear of them.

And honestly, I tried a konvexity mock, and you can just tell that it wasn’t wrote by English native speakers, so I stopped after 1 half. I can’t be bothered to waste precious brain energy working out translations. Call me rude all you want but that’s just the way it was for me.

check out chalk and board . Org - he has a really good mock and goes over (video) every question. So far it is the mock that I think translates the best to the real exam.

(although I did score 105 out of 120)… so maybe I’m just saying that because its my highest and favorite mock experience to date.