Do we have to memorize does particular formulas concerning Kurtosis and skewness.Out of Curiousity.

I gues you don’t have to but you have to get the idea of it mostly in relation on it in SD & normal distribution. =)

Read LOS - they tell you about expectations.

when fashioning their questions do they keep their LOS’s in mind

yes if LOS include kurtosis calculation - you might have to perform a calculation on the exam, if LOS include interpreting kurtosis - you might see a question about fatness of distribution tails. http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/los.html

They won’t ask you to calculate kurtosis or skewness. What they do is that they give you the skewness measure and the kurtosis (or excess kurtosis) measure for a distribution and you have to interpret what they mean. Remember 0 for skewness (positively or negatively skewed) Remember 3 for Kurtosis (>3 ==> leptokurtic; <3 ==> platykurtic) Remember also that excess kurtosis = kurtosis minus 3.

nah, just what those mean for distibution