L1: 2010 Exam North Atlanta, GA, USA

Anyone interested in a L1 Study Group for 2010 (North of Atlanta) in Gainesville are feel free to contact me riskpro@charter.net

I started an Atlanta thread that should be on P1 or P2. We usually meet in the emory library. I doubt anyone wants to drive to Gainsville (1+ hours) to study for 3 hours.

I live in Alpharetta, but am often in the Emory area (Went to Emory undergrad) on Saturdays/Sundays . Do you guys meet on the weekends?

We havent for the past few weekends. Although I would like to start meeting again. The problem is that I have gotten into the habit of taking mock exams on Sundays. Perhaps I should move mocks up to Saturday and leave Sunday open for group study. In any case e-mail me at nicolas.uppal/gmail/com

Cobb Galleria…FTL.


I’m in Buckhead. I passed L1 in June but I suppose we can turn this into a L2 thread soon enough.

Good stuff, hoping to have passed L1 in dec. (not likely). In midtown on 17th and Ptree.