L1 2012 Schweser Practice Exams Book 1 & 2 For Sale

The number one advice that you’ll get from people who passed L1 is that practice exams are key to successfully passing the exam. Don’t be part of the 62% who fail, be a master of your own destiny and buy your practice exams today and be one step closer to getting your charter!

I passed L1 in June, 2012. I’m holding on to my Scheweser notes but am happy to sell my Practice exams from Schweser. This material is the 2012 edition so is current for the December 2012 exam.

For the 6 exams covered in volume 1 & 2, I’m asking $AUD120 (or best offer) plus shipping. Happy to ship anywhere in the world from Melbourne, Australia.

Condition is good, I always used a seperate sheet to mark answers. There’s a few markins here and there but overall is in near new condition.

Let me know if you’re interested.