L1 and L2 Candidates - Good Luck Tomorrow!


Wish everyone the best tomorrow! I (selfishly) will be hoping for a higher pass rate in hopes that may signal a similar result for Level 3!

thanks bud! When are L3 results out?


best of luck everyone!

Good luck to all those who await results.

Hopingg this to be the final wait

Since I received my charter last year, I am hoping the pass rates goes down to 10% now (need to keep it exclusive). But I hope all of you are in that 10%.

Cth1983. Glad for that last sentence. Truly, i dont care if the pass rate goes down to 10 or up to 90. As long as i squeak above the bar, I’m good. And I will make a vow to my wife that I will never take another certified exam again…living with me through this has not been fun…which she reminds me of often!

But, yes, if I cleared L3, I support dropping the pass rate to 10% in 2015…with all AF subscribers in that 10%! smiley

My competitive side misses this time of year.