L1 and L2 content overlap

Is there similar content in L2 compared to L1 or are there many new concepts introduced that are not covered in L1? I’m trying to decide if I should write L2 this June after writing L1 in December or if I should wait till next June.

Do you want to take 3 years or 18 months to complete the exams?

the first thing you need to do is change your name - its hard to read…then we’ll talk.

lillilland, there’s some direct overlap, but mainly LII builds further upon the fundamental concepts and techniques introduced at LI. Two examples: Overlap: Reading 34 on corporate governance looks to me to be nearly an exact copy from LI 2006. There may be more, but that’s the first example that comes to mind. Building on your LI foundation: Very similar in application to the DDM models you learned at LI, you’ll be introduced to free cash flow and residual income discount models at LII. The December-to-June schedule can be demanding on your endurance but it’s certainly achievable. Anyway, you have a few weeks to make a decision and you can review ethics in the meantime, or just enjoy the rest of your break. Go ahead and review the LII study sessions and LOS, this way you can reach your own conclusion too: http://www.cfainstitute.com/cfaprog/resources/leveliioutline.html Good luck on the 23rd!