L1 Anyone looking for a study buddy in NYC?

I’m not a creep, but all of my friends have already passed level 1 and wouldn’t mind having someone to bounce questions off of.

I’d like to but it’s hard to coordinate with me. I cover EU markets which means that I work European hours…so only weekends work for me. Rest of the week I have an upside down schedule. Unless you want to have virtual sessions. That works too.

Yea weekends work, as that is when I plan to do the majority of my studying anyway. Where do you live in the city? I was thinking about going to the library at Bryant Park, thoughts?

I always go there on weekends anyway. I’m going there tomorrow as of 12 pm…I usually sit in the quiet room, right side when you enter. Usually last 3 tables. Why don’t you give me your email? Otherwise, if we have any specific questions, we could meet up at a starbucks near gd central after the study session.

Hey sorry for not getting back sooner. My email is lafrance.john@gmail.com. I won’t be in town this weekend, but shoot me an email and we can try and meet up next weekend.